About Us


Our Mission

"Nobody is perfect, but everyone is unique." RicoliaBeauty's mission is to empower women to allow their uniqueness to become their strength and to help each woman become the best, most beautiful version of themselves.

Many women do not realize that the size and shape of their eyes will affect how good their eyelashes will look. The truth is that both you and your best friend can rock a “cat-eye”, but you might need to have different eyelashes to fit your individual eye shape. That is why we created the perfect Ricolia Eyelashes Collection. You can choose the eyelash that will have just the right amount of arc, angle and length to fit your unique eyes. Our customized eyelashes come in both a day and a night option so that you can have the perfect eyelashes for any occasion!

About RicoliaBeauty

In keeping with our mission that "Nobody is perfect, but everyone is unique," RicoliaBeauty provides our customers with affordable, high quality, customized beauty products using both Eastern and Western knowledge, techniques and ingredients. Custom fitted eyelashes (using handmade, eco-friendly, cruelty-free materials) is only the first step in this journey. Expect more beauty products from us soon!

Coco, the founder of RicoliaBeauty:

Coco has been a professional makeup artist for nearly 20 years. For 7 years she was the head makeup artist for one of the largest TV stations in China. She came to America and has been a professional makeup artist in Hollywood for both motion pictures and television. She has traveled across America doing makeup for dancers in major competitive ballroom dance competitions.

Her unique makeup experiences with all ethnicities (both on camera and at live events) has made her an expert in understanding that makeup is not "one size fits all" - it should be customized to enhance each person’s individual facial features. Most importantly, having lived and worked in both China and America, Coco has learned the beauty techniques and secrets of both cultures and how to blend them together for dazzling results.